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Tuesday, September 20

Never Forget

Simon Wiesenthal
his will to survive
hunting down of Nazi bastards
and his endless crusade to end Anti-Semitism

1908 - 2005

• And in not as importante passing news, we still pause (ok, we're done being rebels with a pause) and bid adieu to Lenny's bizatch Honey Bruce Friedman, who was portrayed by MISS TESCHMACHER!!! in the movie, where DUHVS course, she showed a lil skin

• Rumored Gorillaz 5 night gig has now become a reality! The plan this go around is to not hide behind a screen, invite all the guest stars on stage, and let it all out. Sure to be a once (or fifthce) in a lifetime opp. So who wants to get all madchester in Manchester November 1-5? [via NME]

• Not even Gomer Pyle could be Sirprized, Sirprized, Sirprized by this

• Catch some zzzzzzzzzz

• The new kids on the block, dorkmaster Jon Cannon and semi-soylicious Kelly Miyahara, are like the Patrick Ramsey and Mark Brunell's of Jeopardy!'s Clue Crew. Somewhere Sofia Lidskog (see bottom of post) breathes a sigh of relief. Somewhere I have my hand down my pants thinking about Sofia Lidskog.

• Me loves the music, but I aint schooled enuff to review albums. Good thing then that Ms Mod purrfectly captured the ins and mainly outs of the Fiery Furnaces and Grandma crack pipe fest '05 side project. Eeeeeeesh. The disc is the antonym of 'easy listening'

• The Stanley Kubrick: Inside The Mind of a Visionary Filmmaker eggzibit heads to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne, Rooland starting November 24 til the end of January. Then the damn Romans get it from April on. Cato may actually have to wear underwear if he wants to attend the opening gala.


Mandy Moore chips in seven points, 29 assists, nine kills, and 28 digs

•, one of Six Blogs You Should Be Reading, according to someone else who isn't my brother-in-law or left hand. I also reveal my flavorite site that isn't mine or NonUSHotties!

• A review of Twin Peak Fest '05... Waldo the mynah bird's blood soaked donuts not included [more pic links here]


• I think I found a way to cure my un-funemployment blues: watch TV for 69 hours and 49 minutes straight

• Remember Cpt 20/Count Gore De Vol? Well if u aint from DC and waz born after 1985, probably not. Our brother from another smothers, Dick 'The Dizzle' Dyszel, has returned to the metropolitan hiz-area complete with his bumpin a$$ DJ service, low-priced mustache rides, and other mustache related hotness. Last week he dropped by the WaPo for a lil chat wit fans. Peep the transcript here [last via Johnny Holla Dollar]

The Soon To Be Relatively Famous Hooters Employee Handbook

• When I eventually get all married and shiz, the only kitchen item I'll request on my registry is this [via Del Fiddler]

Shatner takes on 'Rocket Man' [via Shady Akers]

• And to make up for CC the IV's grateful dreadful outfit at whatever the funk Avenue of the Stars is and her claims that my name is Gavin and that we were lovers in our former lives, please viddy well, oh my brothers...