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Friday, September 2

He Hate Me
He Hate Me Not?

as Rod Smart Feels the LOVE

2001 - 2005
(a nickanme that lived 4 times longer than the XFL)
[via Guns n' Rosenthal]

• Michael Moore pens an open letter to our Commander in Chimp, and the results are very... Michael Mooreish [via Zach de la Roachclip/Soul]

• Eric B, NOT dead

• Don't wanna bother d-loding Charly Church's uber saucy uber sexy vid for 'Call My Name'? Then go ahead and stream it.

"If you don't want female attention, a moustache is the way to go."

• Timmy Dalty, recently rated 2nd best Bond by me, also had the 3rd best theme song rockin his crotchin: The Living Daylights by a-ha [d-lode the OG version or the remix]

• Pulp + Radiohead = Weird Sisters

• Harry Potter + Draco Malfoy = Pitcher & Catcher

• Martine McCutcheon loves spooks

• Free screenings nationwide for A Nightmare Before Nuptials and Matthew McConaughey is Al Pacino's Bitch

•, yer #3 result when intersleuthing for snaps of 'finger anus'

Roger Ebert's Chicago Townhouse

Double Eagles, the Keyser Soze of coins

Welsh air for sale.

• Speaking of,

Why do outhouse doors have half-moons on them?

BUSTed, the game

Clue, The VCR Mystery Game

Soylent Green Is People [beware the audio]

• Have an effin great labor day tweakend peep-holes. I don't deserve the time off since I'm not really laboring, but you all should indulge to the fulliest and a take a dip into the Swimming Pool. How luDivine!!!

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