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Wednesday, September 14

Church's Chicken Out?

The greatest sorority known to man, Catherine Omega-Mu-Zeta-Jones-Douglas-MacArthur, and I hath so much in common. We both are T-Mobile whores, we both can do this with our a$$es, and we both love fellow Welshie and current Her Royal Thighness the BREASTEST, Charly Church. Zeta-Tomata hearts her so much that she's eager to enlist her in her directorial debut of Dylan Thomas' Under Milk Wood, which was first brought to screen back in 72. Des problem is that she's so dang worried that leaving for LA LA land will hurt her relationship with current beau and rugby hunk Gavin Henson. Did I mention that I changed my named to Gavin and no one could touch me at Sega Genesis' Rugby World Cup 95? I say go for it CC the IV!! Hollywurst needs more large breastest Welsh beauties. Just stay away from Michael Douglas, and Louis Farrakhan, who's speaking at you.

• Faux-gayers t.A.T.u. will be faux-gaying it up at the UK Club G-A-Y this Saturdgay. That's more gay that sipping Earl Gay Tea with yer pinky sticking out.

• Although she's now #2321183thrdieth in my heart, Showerpoopa troopa has regained the #1 ranking in tennis. TALK ABOUT REBOUNDIN'!!

• In balls related news: "I love baseballs, do you love the baseballs?"

• In more Borat related news: the following bestness was released in stores yesterday. Gobble gizzile it up peeps... although I'm going the cheap route and waiting for it to match the price I set using's blesseded Wish List

• Back to more hairy balls situation news: Patrick Ramsey should start auctioning off his pubes on eBay cause Brunell will be named Comeback Player of the Year after the Skins go 16-0.

• In one last ball related things: I don't know jack scalia about Tim McGraw, but his Monday Night Football halftime highlight recap country rhyme-e-shiz was the biggest lode of crap I've seen since this

• Andy Rooney may hates a lot of things, but the 'browmiester surely hearts New Orleans

• SNL needs to stop adding 'new faces' and needs to starts adding 'new writers'. Or at least send Horatio Sanz packing... on Horatio Hornblower's first ship outttttttta here

• Is it deja vu or deja boo that the day I lament briefly about Can't Buy Me Lover Amanda Peterson (but more so about Ami DoleHOTfRUITenz) that someone goes and wonders the same dang thing? I dunno, but in Ami Dolenzerzz related stizz, I want to invent a machine that turns me into Jerry Trimble

Lynch poo-poos any new Twin Peaks woo-whoness

• I knew Steven Loserbergh was well on his way to killing cinema (ever see Full Frontal? good, so DON'T), but this whole releasing a movie in theaters, DVD, and TV on the SAME DAY is wurstest call since Neville Chamberlain was elected Prime Minister. Peace in our time my a$$!!

Kubie giving Jack the nod as Napoleon woulda been DYNO-MITE!

• I love Supergrass' new ditty St Petersburg [video]. I also love that Gaz Combes and Jack Black look sorta similar with beards. And oh, I LOVE mustaches!!

• Pete Tong spankfully returns with a 2-Disc Essential Selection set soon. Trackilisting here

One of the mos whocares editions of Then & Now

Jeopardy! contestant searches are headed for LA (DUHVS), NYC, Tampa, Seattle, and Vancouver. Signs up here

• Clear yer calendars cause the Harlem Globetrotters are invading East Rutherford in February. A wise man once wrote, 'When life hands you Meadowlark Lemon, make Meadowlark Lemonade'

Rachel McAdams High School Yearbook Photo... I bet her snap was probably the 6th mos beatoffedable one from that yearbook

• Are Renton, Sick Boy, Spud, Tommy, and Begbie's ashes really disrupting train service?

A.C. Slater DOES Rule [via Steve Bartman Hater #6]

Thighs Wide Open? [sorta SFW]

Here lies the very first Katrina-related link, and it's amusing, not sad [via Zach de la Roachclip]

Troy's Mixtape of Love [via Richie Richardson Loves Rice]

• And me have done some serious thinking as of late. Although I am a self-appointed ruler for life, I doubt that I'll be able to be a Thigh Master for your kids' kids, so I've decided to take on a Padawan. Sio Bibble knows that this could mean only one thing: INVASION!!