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Wednesday, August 31

You Are In
Command Now
Admiral Piett

cause we bid a fond
Admiral Kendal Ozzel
aka Hitler in Last Crusade
aka Michael Sheard

1940 - 2005

• While HRT the IIIrd's been busy dispensing grunts in Flushing Meadows, I've been chilly chillin with my true girly girl of summer/hummers, Charley Church. After taking 17 cold showers after lookin at the snaps from her latest vid, I had to take another 17 after I actually saw the vid [available for jiggling d-lode here]. And you think our 2nd flavorite Welsh peach, next to Catherin-Zeta-Beta-Tomata Jones, stopped the hotness there? Well along with calling Pete Drugerty a 'w*****' and Bob Dylan a 'freak', she dared to top Alba's sweet sweet CANdy pics with a set of her own!! MEyummmmmmmmy!! And since tis been ages since I posted an animated gif since, I figured this one Justin found may be james worthy...

Paris, je t'aime, aka 20 stories/films of love, from the city of love, aka one of the bestest assembling of directorS and actors mt EVERest.

• If Keds remade Braveheart with Mischa Barfon, it would probably look something like this

Titles by Saul Bass

• The Catholic Church's latest attempt at being cool. Maybe they should team up with Keds & Mischa

The Hank Garrett Interview

• A nice, but small collection of Booger snaps

• Interesting order of results when Googling 'museum'

• Can anyone name all those who make up Roy G Biv above? It's not that hard, but in the meantime, go here

Morer funnier than all of Anchorman [vid via Shady Harry's Son]


Arcade Flyers

Cats In Sinks

JSF Worthless Baseball Card Collection... c'mon, one day that Lenn Sakata will be worth nillions!! [via the Mask]

The hipster strap-on

Fucking, Austria

• And I don't know bout the rest of y'alls, but I was heavily saturated with nuttin but 007 these past couple o weeks, thanks to AMC, who don't really have classics anymore, and I guess don't always show movies that are American. And after watching both The Living Daylights and License to Kill, I've decided to change my long standing negative position on Timothy Dalton in a tux. Sure, he's far from attractive (what's up wit dat hair yo?!?), a lot bit boring, and co-starred in The Beautician and the Beast, but the dude was so forking hugo and BOSS when it was his turn to James Bond it up. We don't even have to mention King Connery here (or one-timer George Lazenby), but Dalty brought much more weight and seriousnessness to the role than Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan ever did. He was a darker, angrier Bond, and it worked to a tee when he was defying his orders, and even going all rouge and shit to avenge the death of his pal Felix Leiter's wife and Felix Leiter's missing leg that was eaten off by a shark!! Plus Daylights and Kill where also the last best Bond flicks (sorry Pierce, you surely had the look, in a Roxette kinda way, but didn't have the scripts to back it up in your three tries... Christmas Jones, wtforkment anyone?!?@!?##!). And those Bond flicks sure gave Dalty some choice o bond chicks!! To this day, I'm still in love with Maryam d'Abo, Carey Lowell, and Talisa Soto. I should get them all together for a kinda ghetro older ladies Charlie's Angels thingamajig.