¿Question The Preguntas?

Have you seen Charlotte Church’s new vid for her next single ‘Call My Name’? Neither of I (since I can’t figure out this site), but if these snaps are of any indication, it could be the single most beatoffable vid since Madonna’s see-thru bazammbies in ‘Vogue’.

[more here]

• Did you watch the VMA’s last night? Neither did I (despite the G-rillaz rightfully mcnabbing 2 awards)! But if you care about such thangs, look here, here, and here!

• Will Samwise Gamgee edge out Edgar to win the love of Chloe AND save America for the humpteenth time?

• Do dreams ever come true? Yes they doesly do as the bestest most kiddiest eclecticiestest mp3 site around finally dug up The Three Caballeros sdtrk… although no tracks featuring Donald D and his dos amigos.

• When is the madness of Madness heading our way? Dunno, but they do have 6 West Coast dates lined-up

• Who almost became President of Iraq? Whatever you do, don’t tell it to Mr Hand!

• Wanna dress like Ryan Atwood, John Q Hipster, or a complete jackasshole?

• Ever wanted to own yer own Bob Ross painting like yers Thighly? Well, I contacted their afroed-Inc and this is what they had to say

• Is there any way Philip Seymour Butts will not get a Best Actor nom for his work in Capote? Peepage the trailer [via Fid Diddler]

• Can’t tell yer acrylic from yer cyrillic? Then you may have a tuff time d-loding a ton of t.A.T.u. mp3yummyness. Don’t forget to czech out the second page for some remix goodies.

• Are you gonna catch Cut Copy on tour with the Archdukes this fall? Well catch their vid for ‘Saturday’ here

• Have you seen Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story?

• Worried about the people in your neighborhood? You should be: Map(of)SexOffenders.com

• What’s the best way to raise money for your separatist campaign movement? Porn, snatchurally [via Prof Gryth]

• When is the 27th Annual Mooning of Amtrak set for? All Day Saturday, July 8, 2006

• When will the Neverending Comparison end? Never, cause it’s neverending by design. Anywho, we finally found a picture of Falkor & her always moody sister Mischa occupying the same space and the same thyme…

Stolen directly from Falkor’s Bar Mitzvah photo album

See where it all started here

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