Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, July 4

Mr. Smits Goes
To Washington

Watta wild spakin time we had at my big Sis and Made of Brawnstein's wedding this past tweakend. Whiz was more wild than spending time at the now defunct Wild World with Gene Wilder drunk off Wild Turkey, while listening to a mash-up of The Stones' 'Wild Horses', Talking Head's 'Wild Wild Life', and U2's 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses'.

Fliz was so frizzazzee that I could barely keep my eyes wide open

Kriz was so krunktastic that I had to grab a tambourine and shake it on down with the band during 'Dancing Queen' (for the record, I am not gay, but love ABBA)

And hiz was so hubbabubbalicous that I after I approached slash bothered Jimmy Smits for the second time in the lobby at the Willard, told him again how great he was as Senator Bail Organa (howevski, i did forgot to mention to him how much I dug his killer turtle-necked cable-knit sweater), and offered him $5 to come down and say hello to the bride and groom that the effin man actually agreed to do so!!!

And he didn't even want the $5!!! What a sweetheart. He has now become my mos flavorite actor right behind Dakota Fanny & Rhys Ifans!!!

[Note: that is actually a pic of me and Jimmy, but I was so drunk, bloated, and sweaty lookin that I'd rather remember it like this]