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Tuesday, June 7

Tony! Toni! Toné! Def

• Tits official folks, I've actually acted with a Tony-award winning actor! Mejor consplatsurelations go out to Dan Fogler for mcnabbing the Best Actor in a Musical Award for his role in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee! You've sure come a long way since working with the likes of myself, Levitticus, Juwanamaker, Tom Wellington, and yes, EVEN CPT FRIGIN LOU ALBANO in the short Coming Soon To Theaters (click for pics). Sorry I didn't report this yesterday, but things like the Tonys are about as interesting to me as going to a baseball game... like I did over Memorial Day, and it was only a day later that I learned David Wells pitched before my eyes. He did? What's baseball?

Simpsons movie frynally moves into pre-productionville. Why does it have to be 2005, and not 1995?

• Christian Bale vs Brandon Routh, the movie EVERYONE'S been waiting for.

• Sequel MADNESS: 36 Candles? Jaws 5-D? 3 Men & A Middle-Aged Hag? And how bout Beetlejuice 2? Lets pray it's all about Otho!

feels like whenever I hear news about kevin smith, it's bad news

When 2 becomes 1 When 5 join 8. At least that's butter news than hearing that Posh 'Looks Awful Naked' (whatever the fork kinda name that is) is attempting to set the world record for popcorn eating. Sadly, I don't think they'll be able to top my best of 56 lbs inhaled at my brother's Bar Mitzvah circa '85. All I remember was running around chasing balloons, my head spinning, and natch, puking my guts out. [via Made of Brawnstein]

• How I like my Hollywood: Jung, Dumb, and full of Cuthbest [via JJ]

• Last week, we saw the world's greatestest tennis pic mt EVERest, and this week CityRagdoll was sure we didn't miss the finesestest Viggo Mort mustache pic this side of Gondor...

Music 4 Robots gets some NYTimes love. Can't be long before Latin Inches profiles yours bluesy.

• What's the coolest place on earth? The building that houses Ism, a Grrrrl, and the cooler Frog Brother, Corey Feldman

• If Popeyes is lord, than Super Popeyes is gotta be more supreme than Diana Ross & the Supremes & Supreme Chancellor Palpatine combined!

Wonder Boy database entry [via J$]

Names for Pet Rats

I Hate That Crazy Frog Ringtone

Is It November?

• And since anyone has a chance of becoming Her Royal Thighness the III, could curvy Batman bitty Harley Quinn possib BLE be the one? I do say, she does rank up there with the hottiest of the hot toon pooners in my book.

• Related, but had no influence on my choices: The 50 Sexiest Cartoon Babes