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Thursday, June 2

Sweet Tea-se-us

• I've heard rumors on the internets and thru nia peoples that Bojangles' fried chicken is better than Popeyes'. I haven't had the pleasure of trying Bo's, so I can't weigh in on this blasphemous propaganda, but it's safe to say they are both better than KFC (sorry Dodge). Anywho, seems like the Bojangles' empire are expanding like the waists of their patrons and have even added a few booty assed Maryland locations and one in Brooklyn, so we can soon put all these nasty rumors to rest!! I may actually get my Bo's breast and thighs on when I'm in NC this tweakend for El Hofbergo/Natanay's wedding. Man, I haven't been this eggstatic since word of Fatburger's invasion of the East Coast! Now if only we could get a Steak 'n Shake & Waffle House in Times Sq!!!!

• Tom Cruise is officially a public relations nightmare. Watch the Oprah madness again and watch Dane Cook take on the TC madness! [2nd via ONTD]

How Mark Felt Became 'Deep Throat', by Bobby Woodward & Lothrop

• Sorry, but the list should read: Kubrick, Hitchcock, Thigh Master, and Sidney Poitier, who did in fact direct Ghost Dad. And btw, I really REALLY REALLY need that 60 lb Stanley Kubrick Archives book. Take a look inside this wooly mammoth. [last via A-Baby via Me via him]

• Although I'm foaming at the mouth to see Burton's take on The Choco Factory (I mean, this NEW trailer is off the HOOK like Mc D's Cpt CROOK!), I do side with Gene when he sez, 'I don't see the point of going back and doing it all over again'

• Mischa, cold hard gyllen'?

Thats a nice interview with Dan Mazer, Producer of Da Ali G Show

X-3 minus 2 directors = 1 giant mess

• Wanna see Gabrielle Union & Fischerspooner in the flesh fo free? Too bad you have to go thru Carson Daly to do so.

• June 3rd is free Krispy Kreme Doughnut day! [via JJ]

• Rockstar's gotta a site up for their 4th cuming Warriors game. I couldn't imagine a better pairing, besides maybe Dustin Hoffman & Run Lola Man, Tom Tykwer. [1st via Zachk de la Roachclip]

• Swatch the trailer to Keira Knightley's latest: British & Boring

• Gayden Christensensen, you knows you in trouble when Kevin Smith is defending your honor. [via Cinematical]

• I sure wanna tap dat ass webcam!

• You can ring my BELLE When A Stranger Calls again. YUM!

• What do you get when you mix Fatboy Slim & bouncing boobies? I dunno, but I think my wrist is broken. [NSFW via Monkey Phil]

• Peepage the new vid for Doves' 'Snowden' [Win - Real - QThyme]

• I don't ask you alls to donate money, cause I'm actually sleeping with a very wealthy man, but who wants to start a Thigh Master Goes to The World Beard and Moustache Championships in the '05 fund? Cause you know I wanna WAX DAT STACHE!

• Is this a pic of Lohag Version 2.3 looking at Lohag Version HRT the I?

• The MTA is looking for 10K good peeps to sign up for their pilot Subway Service Advisory E-mail Notification program.

Mandy Moore running for Board of Aldermen in Scott County? Wait a parsec, I thought she wanted to be a croupier cause she was learning how to deal. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

• Gawd I heart u oh dearest Drunkenest NSFW-Father: I am - Kate Moss Topless Photoshoot | I am - A Bathing Ape Ain't Cool | I am -Jules Asner's Clit Hood | I am - Big Brother Fat Chick Flashing | I am - Lohan has Cankles....

• If only I were an apple... and I aint talkin bout shitty computers that only designers and idiots adore!

A Lengthy Explanation of Why This Site Has Utterly Sucked Since, Like, January

• Seriously, does anyone read Wil Wheaton's blog, or do we all juss link to it?

• Keep an eye on:

My favorite kinda web sights are always filled with question marks, Sharapova, and only the word 'Thighs'.

Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries aka Books I Plan To Read But I Is Too Darn Lazy [via Meta Phil]

• Even in galaxies that are far far away, incest is best! [via DataWHHHHHHHHHAT?]

You know it's time to move when...

• Can anyone tell me what the fark is going on in this pic? [via His UMCness the I]

I'm sorry, what was I talking about?

• And SUNDAY @ 11:59PM the polls will close in the 1st EVER CORN ME Photoshop Contest! So VOTE NOW if u don't think Super Thighs Me is the bee's fleas.

ADDDDDDDDDDDDED: Could this be Peabs' last flazzum? So sayeth it aint so (for the 2nd time)!!