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Monday, June 6

Bagels, Spurlocks
& Shmears All Around

• Yes, this means that Johnny Dollar, a MDer and a scholar, overcame an early lead from Count Blogula to WIN the blue ribbon in the 1st annual Corn Me Photoshop contest!! Confagurelations J$$. If I had to pick the winner, I probably would have picked myself as Deep Thrizz, but u'd come in 2nd. A ticker-tape parade is being prepared in your honor. And I'm even getting Eva Mendes to pop outta a cake*

BOO. I now have ZERO radio stations to listen to in the NYC area.

• Lohag wonders why the tabloids care so much about her. And I have to side with my former woman when she sprays, 'I don't know why I'm so interesting'. Add skinny, blonde, and gross to that list babe! [via Tom Wellington the I]

• Hollywood marriage I really hope works out: Rachel Weisz & Darren Aronfsky.

• Hollywood marriage I really hope doesn't work out: Brett Ratner & X-3

• Word has it that the next gen Nintendo, called Revolution, will allow users to download ALL 221 games Nintendo published with the old school NES, SNES and N64 game systems. Here's the complete list. [via the always kosher Dr Falada]

• Even Liam Gallagher loves 'Feel Good Inc'

• You Darnerien McCants tell me that this is possibly true: Bjork almost was one of Charlie's Angels???

Winnie Coops grows up, but she gots miles to go before she reaches Julie Condraland. Related: Justin's thumbcredible Kevin Arnold's Lizadies

• Tara Reid is a 'skankbot'

• Cameron Diaz looks whorrible without make-up sez director Danny Boyle. Most women looks whorrible without make-up sez Thigh Master.

Charlotte Church On Lads And Fags

B Jaxx to replace Kylie at Glasto

To Box, Or Not To Box? I eggspect better from you Rooney!

The Woodward & Bernstein Watergate Papers

Free screenings abound for the next Vince Vaughn shitcomedy, Wedding Crashers [via Melly Mel]

• Thighspotted wit my own eyes: Hank Azaria wearing a pink 'Yo! MTV Raps' tee near Columbus Circle AND Orlando from Strangers w/Candy avec baby round Columbia U.

A Taiwanese restaurant serves up food in toilets to looks like things you leave in toilets. Did some one say YUM? If you did, you should be hunted down and beaten with 20 lbs of asparagus. Peep a pic of this madness!! [via Made of Brawnstein/A Dude]

• Probably my all time flavorite poster: The Posse

• Who knows if these have been doctored or not, but popular songs played in reverse to reveal secret messages are always fun! [via Guns n' Rosenthal]

Mini Organs

Guess Which Movie

• Thinks they sell a Tie-Fighter desk at Staples? [via Seltzer w/an 'H']

Dress Steve Jobs [via Zach de la Roachclip]

Buffo, the World's Strongest Clown [via 1,2,3, look @ Mr. Richie Lee]

Cuthbert wants Justin Timberlake to sing at her wedding. First off, I didn't agree to this. Second off, apparently she's NOT getting married to me. And jerk off, is what I will do right now, regardless if she's going to marry Trace Ayalabushicala or not. But to be purrrrfectly honest, I'm considering making a move in the House of Thighs. Has Cuthy passed her primer number? What do you all think? Is it Mandy or Mischa's go? Seppo the Great spanks that Melissa Theuriau, some French news chick who looks one part Posh Spice (the good parts) and one part Virginie Ledoyen, would be spunkfert for the part. I do love NonUsHotties( and French Fries, so this could be a NICE fit.

Peep these lovely galleries for even more frog hotness

*Eva Mendes cake popping prize not valid in all 49 States, eggcept for Oregon