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Wednesday, May 25

Dusty Bottoms
Lucky Day &
Ned Nederlander Who?

• The baby geniuses over at KiddieRecords dug up some rare ole Disney MP3 hotness, but now has left yer humble mumbler crazy hungerin and hankerin and huntinin for the original soundtrack to his mos flavorite double Oscar Nominated Disney gem of thighsthymme starring Donald Duck AND Carmen Miranda's sister: The Three Caballeros. If you've never seen this loco enchilda fiesta of a toon, you flavioiously didn't have a childhood and I pity and shit on you. It's like the OG Who Framed Roger Rabbit, where toons & G-rated poon [NSFW] go hand in hand! So can ANYONE help me find this lost on a digital world soundtrack? This mission is even more importante (that's Spanish for 'important') than my jihad crusade on ending Vince Vaughn's career (although he really needs no help from me... being probably the most unfunny actor that everyone deems funny). If you find it, I may buy you a hamburger. And if yer a vegetarian, I'll take you out and force you to eat bacon. In the greenwich meantime, for a lil taste of what I'm stalkin' about, download Bing Crosby doing 'Baia' & 'You Belong To My Heart', which both appeared in the film, juss not his versions. [MPtres via LP2CD]

• And look what Disney's doing these days: Instead of coming up with stellar 2-D toons, they're busy digitally reducing Lohag's ex-gynnormous bazoongies from Herbie so not to make lil kids horny. I juss read this in the NYDN, but apparently this is old news. ADDDED: Defamer's got visual evidence?

• Speaking of melons-collie, will Kylie Minogue's ill boobies double-handedly reform the forking STONE ROSES?!??@#?@! If that happened, some might say, that sister is the messiah!!

• Leno on the stand is purty much like Leno on his show: no laughing matter.

MC5 to Kick Out The Jams (motherfuddgers) from start to finnish @ NorthSix

• Clive Owen: ""I've always wanted to be James Bond. I'll pour it all out right now! Why won't they offer it to me?"

The first sign of the Apocalypse? Or is it the second?

• NFL bids the 'horse-collar' tackle a-doo-doo. Is the camel clutch next?

• Gawd how I love the White Stripes, their new vid, and Meg White... even if she is a robot. [via link via ONTD]

The Raven goes Rambo. Sounds like the biggest mistake since Dr Seuss went the Great White Way!

• Bad prequel news: Texas Fisher Price My First Chainsaw Massacre

• Good prequel news (for once): No Go on Crouching Cub, Hidden Valley Ranch

Cathedral to Star in Da Vinci Code Film. Is that Charlotte Church's less attractive cousin?

• Yeah Beck, the qwiker you can make Midnite Vultures II, the butter!

• Sharapova survives round 1, but loses in the pics dept. Sorry Engle, whomever you is, I guess we'll have to wait a few more matches before the hot spandex wedgie photos arrive.

• Kasabian to write Engerland's World Cup Anthem?

• Ringo wants to save his birthplace AND come easy @ Irving Platz June 19th.

• What do Phil Spector, Bob Geldof, the REAL Anakin Skywalker, Melting Nazis, and Lindsay Lohag all have in common? I dunno, but they creep the living FORK outta me!

• Ken Jennings: The Board Game, The Book, and The Game Show Host. Somebody break Sirhan Sirhan outta jail cause this is all gettin a bet outta lohand. Btw, I sure hope his a$$ gets beat by Brad Rutter tonight in the final game of Jeopardy's Tourney of Champs!

• There's nothing Grimm about Bellucci

• Want real Britney news, you know where to go. Want stoopid Britney stuff, then click here.

Kournikova eats a popsicle. Want Moooore?

• Hey, is anyone seeing Gang of 14 tonight at the 9:30 Club?

• Educated consumers click here for 10% off.

• Normally I shun all things cartoony (sides Gorillaz videos and pre-1985 Disney stizz), but in this case, I'll make an eggggggggsception. [Parker Sister]

• Just what my dad wants, a Skins' jersey that sez 'Name' on it!! Then he'd be 1/2 as cool as his son who has 'Your Name' on his.

• Bid on Amy Sedaris' John Hancocked Bust!

• The definitive Dark Side Over The Rainbow

Billy Murray geht wieder mal unter die Geister!

• Pakula, this one's for you: Thundercats Outtakes! [via the Gold DiSpencer]

Cybernetic Parrot Sausage AND Origami w/Hot Dogs? [via Nipsy Newbsy]

• If you click on only one thing today, make it How To Dance Like A White Guy [via 1,2,3, Look @ Richie Lee]

• And while some people have gone the way of Skeletor, others juss keep getting better by the day. Cuthsplurt, how could I ever dispose you as Queen of Thighland? I'll never say 'never ever', cause I never ever would have guessed that Keds could give me a Boner Stabone. Anywayz...

[via the always mammoth, UMC]

Added Bonus: the trailer to Guy Ritchie's Revolver!