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Tuesday, April 5

Hairy Kotter &
The Sweathog's Stoned

Welcome Back...

Baseball in DC

great, another shitty team to root for

The Fu-Manchu
1849 all over again

if u grow it, they will come
Trent, please don't use this pic...
some say wurstest ever

Goodbye college basketball. Fark sez it best

acc rules!!!!

Now lettuce all watch the only 'One Shining Moment' vid worth watching: Garyland circa 2002. Shiz gives me goosebumps + reminds me that Kansas should eat a dick.

Back to your regularly scheduled diarrhea...

Lohan pumping up the volume?

• I'm not much of an actor, but I did have a brief part in the short How To Make It In New York on $15 a Day (and no, Rachael Ray was not involved). Anywho, that short has been selected for the Cloud 9 Film Festival (what?) which is part of the in-flight entertainment on Frontier Airlines (who?)!! And you can not only vote for it DAILY, but peep it too (look for me round 11 minutes or so in)! Watch out Jude Law, your ass is mine grass!

• There's only once choice for next year's Oscar emcee, and his name is snot Ellen DeGeneres.

Penelope Cruz loves camels and their toes?

• Why Canada's version of Time Magazine is hipper than thous...

• I heard Al Gore invented boring TV aimed at 18-34 year-olds.

Madonna gets the axe from Guy's next film. I wonder why...

• Jury's still out on Mischa Barfon's new do.

• What would a Eminem/Elijah Wood crossbreed look like? This (beware of audio that may make u want to cut off yer ear, Gogh of van style). [via Spin Doctors Fan #1]

• Amanda Bynes is jarig.. en nog mooier! Sure Daan, whatever you say.

• World's greatest Tom Selleck playing volleyball poster? I dare you to find another. And well, if you do, can you mail it to me? Please?

Bill Murray rules

• Wrap up of April Fools 2005

Breastfeeding GAMES? [SFW WTFness via Monkey Men]

Red Rider Leg Lamps [via Synappy Blur]

• Every time you masturbate... [SFW via Richie Richard The Asianhearted]

• And not even a stoopid elephant costume can uglify Natalie Portman.

adorable, not whoreable