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Friday, March 18

This Is Not
A Fugazi T-Shirt

The Gouda

i blame it on the rain
• Marissa & Alex's lame-o lesb-o thang-o is OVER-O!! WHAT A WASTE!! I would have been more turned on by watching a threesome between Paula Poundstone, Rosie O'Donnell, and Rita Rudner.

Jek Porkins: THE WEBSITE! [via Morilla Gask]

Moulin Rouge 2?

• Finally, George Lucas comes up with his first brill-yant idea since 1983: Star Wars flicks in 3-D!!!

Hazard County Sheriff & General Lee WristRacers!

• I hear that if you vote for Pantry/Panty Raider's sister in this contest thingie, you have a better chance of getting into Heaven... or the college of your choice.

The Bada

• I have never really questioned what Senor Spielbergo does with his genius mind and his dirty Jew money, but a Baywatch movie? Dude muss seriously sweat the virgin Connie Swail and her protestin' ways.

• Wanna put an end to alien abductions? Make yer own Thought Screen Helmets and yer 1/2 the way there. And by there, I mean, Arkham Asylum with all dem other wackos! [via Forrest Spittacur]

Parker Posey in the new Superman? House of NOOOO!!

The Cloud Appreciation Society

The Julia UGuglia

• If you only watch one trailer for the rest of your life, make it George McFly's blackface-titty-retarded-swastika-fest of a movie, aka What Is It? [via DW Giff5ths]

• Is the Musicpole the lamestest instrument since the recorder?

• Michelle TrachenWURST's Ice Princess opens nationwide today!

And The Usual Crap

oh yeah, FORK u too!!

And I know you alls want Alba and her succulent tush-a-munga to ascend to the Throne of Thighs, but how can one compete with a hottie who's already been canonized? Plus, I kinda got a thing for pale arsessesss. Then again, I like to tan the hides too. What to do, what do to, when we all love the places where women poo!

ZZ Topp would be proud