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Wednesday, March 30

My Julie Condra
Don't Want None
Unless You Got
Buns, Hun

maybe wayne arnold should have hit that shit!
• Bless the lord, my family, Popeyes Fried Chicken, and Justin. Most importantly Justin, cause he cobbled together this HUMcredible posting re: Kevin Arnold & The Ladies He Could Have Boned Instead of Winnie Cooper. My rusty brain was instantly flooded with many a fond memories I had watching the show and all dem loRvely tween girls who helped me on my way to manhood. I am hispecially spankful for being reminded of one Madeline Adams/Julie Condra, who lasted only 4 episodes, but a lifetime in my left hand. When she was on the show, I wanted to know everything about her, but unfortch Al Gore had yet to invent the internet (if only GWBush had beaten him to the punch with his 'internets'). Luckily, we do live in an age with the internet(s) and can live out all of our teenage fantasies, like checking to see if Maddy/Jules is still the bee's keys. And by the looks of this picture, it's safe to say that she'd make an EGGGGGsalad addition to Thighland's Royal Palace & Casino.

• It's official, 24 is headed to PlayStation 2 land! Now we can finally see what it's like to breathe heavily like Jack Bauer or say a hushed 'yeah' juss like our flavorite Tony 'THE MAN' Almeida does. Word has it, you can even been Jack's daughter, AKA HER ROYAL HOTNESS THE BEST. I sure hope that there's a part of the game where you stand in front of a mirror and masturbate all day. Or maybe they'll allow you to be Edgar and have an eating contest with Maradona. The pastabilites are endless! [via Dr Falada]

• The cast of the 5th Surreal Life may be it's finestest yeti: America's Next Top Model judge Janice Dickinson, Jose Canseco, Pepa of Salt-N, Bronson 'Balki' Pincho, Omarosa, Caprice and motorcrosser Carey Hart... although Corey Haim would have been better. I still think either of my ideal casts would still rule the world.

• Lollapalooza to have only one stop, Chicago?

• What's an LA Lebowski Fest with out the (screen) Dude?

• Peep the new Chem Bros vid for 'Believe'... it's almost better than I, Robot... ALMOST!!!

• NYCers: free passes to see The Amityville Horror, starring Van Wilder avec beard.

• Who once auditioned to play James Bond, recently sawed off some of dere fingers, AND is related to both Ralph and Joseph Fiennes? Does Sir Ranulph Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes ring a bell?


'Come play with us Danny!'

Aryan Justice, THE BABY?!?! [via Zach de la Roachclip]


• World's longest lecture: 88 hours and four seconds

• Mos freakiest Rachael Ray cartoon image

• Tis never too late to own yer own pair of Buccaneer Zubaz pants!

• Bitched @ Swirth: Yarmulkebra & Rakuten Eagles Bra AND this guy & Keith from The Office

• Liam Gallagher tops man-boob list! And speaking from eggspearance, man boobs RULE!

• Speaking of boobs, I almost posted this ye old pic of Cuthy's side boob (as seen on UMC), but decided to show off a diff dirty dirty blonde, Jennifer Ellison, who is now the champion of ladies with big boobs.

who said british women are fugly?
i'm on her side... boob!
2 hot, 2 furry-ious

And remember, if you haven't heard the Pat O'Brein Mega Remix yet, you truly haven't lived.