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Tuesday, March 8

Bring On
The Terrible Twos!

one year old and still no pubes!

Yep folkies, ONE WHOLE STINKIN YEAR down the drain and what to show for it? I'm still broke, still not in command of the English language, and I've been livin more like Howard Hughes than Howard Hessman. And by that I mean I'm not the head of the class, or have class at all for that splatter, but more like staying indoors a lot, peeing in jars, repeating nonsense to myself, and praying that Leo DiCapitated won't play me in my life story. I could go on and on, but maybe I'll save that chit chatter for our Bronze/Pottery Anniversary (that's 8th for those not in the know). Anywhozits, I combed and afro-piced my way thru the archives of this past year, and although there are a lotta dead links and missing images, I still found plenty o' junk to keep you infotained for days. And away we blow...

Thighs Wide Herstory

Monday, March 8th - The day when our long journey began with a single step. That first step/posting was only two sentences long, didn't even include a link, and sadly was about a movie where Cuba Gooding Jr. plays a retarded guy who's purty darn retarted. I would go on to post 11 MORE ITEMS in that first day!! The second posting actually did contain a link and that dubious honor belongs to an article about ex-Redskins/crackhead Dexter Manley being released early from prison. YOU GO DEX!!! Even the name 'Lohan' made first rearing of it's ugly head on that day when I took a look at that week's Box Office Bidneszz.

March 9th - One day in and we already have our first spin-off blog, AhRonGuy. Too bad it was one entry and gone for Mr. Ah Ron. But others would follow, like Kid Kadoji, The Thinker, Dropping off a Blog in the Turlet..., and The I-Train

March 10th - First link to another blogger's site, Mr Bandwagon Boy's review of the new Mell Gibbsen movie Jesus Christ the Passions!

u know how i feel about the side boob
March 11th - First mention of Elisha Cuthbert (Her Royal Thighness the II) AND my sistah Flea becomes the first person credited for contributing a link. The link was this

March 12th - ALF becomes the first pic posted in Thigh Wide Herstory. Thanks to Code 7R for letting me steal from their bandwidth for over a year and not saying a word!

March 14th - Steve Buscemi & John Waters are the subjects for the first 'Switched at Birth' thang (which later would become 'Bitched @ Swirth')

March 17th - Steven Weber of Wings fame becomes the first celeb I've run into since starting this whole thang.

March 19th - Spot The Drummer debuts

March 22nd - Eternal Sunshine & Intermish receive the first full Thighs Wide Review

March 24th - I reveal my alter ego

March 30th - Jesus blesses us with our first posted animated gif. No, not that Jesus.

April 19th - The term ''cock-blogged is introduced into the lexicon for all to use.

April 30th - Dan Newbower becomes the first guest-blogger on this day.

May 9th - My site finally overtakes all other booty-arsed urls as the #1 result when searching for 'Thighs Wide Shut' on Google.

May 18th - I become fiending blog whore and start a second site: That lasted all of 12 seconds. Great name though, if I muss say so myself. I say you can say so! Thanks me. You're quite welcome me.

May 26th - We were added to F.U.B.A.R.'s link roll. The influx of hits hasn't stopped since.

June 2nd - Like the Jeffersons, I moved on up into Grambo's 'Creme de la Creme' category of link-a-dinks.

June 4th - I am informed that I'm not the first blog to utilize the picture of The Kid :(

depleting the HOLE zone layer
June 11th - Some douche bag buys before I did :(

June 15th - Thigh Master meets Napoleon Dynamite

July 2nd - While America was 2 days away from celebrating our independence from the Brits, we celebrated Lohan's birth, the death of and the birth of ThighsWideShutDOTOrg. Sure, this is the day I started to pay money TO blog, but I no longer had to steal people's images/bandwidth.

July 4th - I bowl a 231!!!

July 7th - Thigh Master featured in national commercial whoring Napoleon Dynamite. Some might call this 'un-baaa-leave-able!'

July 9th - Lohan haunts my dreams

July 11th - Lindsay Ismims becomes my newest bestest friend!

July 15th - Lohan is dubbed the first 'Her Royal Thighness'.

July 16th - In memory of the founder of Gold's Gym, the phrase 'Peace The Fork Out' is brought into this world for all to use. Up til then, I had been using 'Peace The Fuck Out', which is an homage to the Travis song of the same name. Wanna search all the 'Peace The Fork Out's? Thought so.

July 20th - Prince Charles takes his first ride in cab EVER!

July 25th - The readers of vote that I should marry Lohan. Cuthbert wasn't even on the ballot. Tsk tsk on my cysts.

ah, the good ole days, when she looked THIS good
August 8th - My love of corn is revealed

August 18th - Our Thighs Spies scoop about Lohan's lohandlers on the set of Herbie not only got some Defamer love, but also made the 'buzz' section of one of the most ghetto free newspapers in the world, The AM-NY... although not credited directly.

August 22nd - I decide one and for all, The Thigh Master needs an heir

September 1st - Ms Washingtonienne's Playboy pics are unleashed. I consider chopping off my penis.

September 12th - Sister Thigh Master engaged, FINALLY!!

September 28th - Thigh Master meets Ultra and the Raveonettes

September 29th - Baseball returns to DC

October 5th - The last Thighs Wide Shut poll's results

it was love at first lip bite
October 20th - Lohan's long reign as Her Royal Thighness is over, as we welcomed our second Queen, Elisha Cuthbert. What can I say, my new sweetheart loves a man who loves corn. On this day I also received the best news in my first year as a Master of Thighs: Graham Coxon to re-join Blur!!

November 3rd - Kerry gives up and I get all political... FOR ONCE!

November 5th - Tara Reid's gives us the nip slip. Yuuuuuuuuuurcsdcvjcvk!!

November 7th - I celebrate myself and others born on this day.

November 19th - Cuthbert dyes her hair and ALMOST gets booted from the Kingdom of Thighland

November 22nd - Ron Artest goes ape shit & I hand in my bestest worstest Photoshopping to date. I also lie to everyone at work, go to the secret U2 show & insta-blog what's going on to Stereogum.

November 30th - Cuthy turns 22 and I wax poetic

thighs fit for a queen
December 1st - Ken Jennings LOSES!

December 2nd - I request an intern. Only two people apply, but I never reply to them. I feel bad. But I think I do need an intern to search for crap on my behalf. Any takes out there? Email me.

December 7th - Toughest day of my life

December 12th - I become the first person to launch the search for Team Zissou Adidas shoes. Too bad they never made any, so people were forced to DIY it and some sold them for recockulous prices on eBay... which apparently no longer allows anyone to sell them.

January 5th, 2005 - Superficial's snaps of Jessica Alba in a white bikini officially end any chances that I may turn gay. And this proves that Jeff Gaycia is not gay-cia. But before you're gay, you see The Hole.

January 14th - My idol, Andy Rooney turns 86

January 18th - Mischa Barton sheds the Falkor look and out-hots Her Royal Thighness the II at the Golden Globes. Barf-on becomes Her Royal Thighness the III for a day! Then went back to looking like Falkor.

January 19th - Jamie Lynn Spears mania hits an all time high in the House of Thighs

give me a hand with this
February 2nd - I fall asleep at a concert for the first time and the future of TV is possibly saved!

February 11th - Call it 'Writer's Blogck' cause how else do you eggsplain how I could not come up with a title for a posting?

February 16th - 'Super-Giraffe' movie idea is born

March 8th - Thighs Wide turns 1!!! Duhvs!

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did someone say side boob??????????
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YOU, yes you, did a stooopendus job clicking dear readers. I ask of you only this one thing: Name me your favorite headlines from the past year (i.e. I Guess That's Why They Call It The Behrooz). Or ignore what I juss said and marvel at this collage of some of the best beards and 'staches...

all women love facial hair.  if they say they don’t, they're lying and their vaginas are mad hairy