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Friday, February 11

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I would have liked to start off today's thingieamabob with a pic of Marissa smooching Alex from last noche's The O.C., but A) after all this build up (read: dick teaseapalooza), the kiss was just a kiss and B) the losers who normally post screencaps of the show are being lazy. Anywho, next week's show looks hottier than Catherine-Zeta-Jones-McDonald-Douglas eating herself out on Mercury. If I were as flylicious as Kirsten Cohen, I'd also call the Feds on my husband's ex-lover. YOU GO GIRL!!!

fancy a ROWAN the hay?

- While Strangers With Candy is the mooovie I'm looking fwd to the mostest this year, the forthcoming album that's making me jizz from the mouth in anticipation is the Gorillaz' next jounks. And my mouth will continue to spew semen cause I juss heard the newest track 'Dirty Harry' posted by THE MAN, no not Tony Almeida, Stereohotness. What's even butter, is that that track features bits from the brills 'I Need A Gun', off of Damon Albarn's limited released solo album Democrazy, which he recorded in hotels whilst on tour last ano.

- Debbie Gibson has gotten such a bum rap over the years. And after looking at this NSFW pic, I'd love to rap her bum for the years to cum. [via Trent Lotts]

- Q: What's the greatestest news investigation series by a local TV station of the 2000s? A: This one set up by KCTV to lure pedophiles to a house where they think they're meeting up with 14-year-old fresh meat, but instead are greeted by the news crew. Now that's what we call Perverted Justice! [major big ups to Mr Blagg for that]

- Her Former Royal Thighness made a return trip to the hospital complaining of chest pains. Poor girl, I guess she didn't know that getting tittybanging by a different 28+-year-old each night is not good for the mammies.

- I guess Jacko won't be dreaming a little dream or standing by Corey Feldman for much longer. Does that make CF one of the lost boys?

- I've always wanted to attend Church. And by 'attend' I mean see what her vocal chords are jason capel-able of handling. And by that, I mean, 'Shove My Cock Down Your Thrizz'.

- What's booer than boo-urns? The bastardages who moved the intimate April Fiery Furnaces show from the Bowery B-rules to Webster Hall. I guess that means I'll probably fall asleep, again. Man, I wish I was single again.

- Hitler still receives fan mail... even 60 years after dying. Speaking of Der Jerka$$, what ever happened to the rest of his familia?

all ex-porno stars with porno staches?

- Kite festivals can and WILL kill! [via Big Daddy Rich]

- Who coined the phrase, "to coin a phrase"?

- Why does TMNT Porn eggsist? I mean this is almost as risgusting as the stuff I work with! [NSFWness via The DW Griffins]

- Were you sick of my pal Navi/The I-Train's links and love of Duke basketball? Well, dude finally gots himself his own blog to post his haste. Beware, he's a newbie and there are no pictures up as of yet. You've been warned. G-luck Potomac's flavorite son.

- The internerd moves fast. Case in point: there's already a pseudo-half-arsed-sequel to that fat Dutch kid rocking out to Romanian techno. [via Zach de la Roachclip]

- Can yous bee leave that the top prize in this weekend's Grilled-Cheese eating contest is only $3.5 K? That won't even begin to cover the champs' Pebto and therapy sessions. [via The Brawny One]

- France sucks, and their people are hella lame.

- You'll never be alone again with IntelliBuddy

- Felt Donuts

- The Cursor Thief

- Yer Thighness, this yer last warning (mos certainly not yer last spanking), but if you go out in public again looking like a Kabuki theater player, I may have to dump you for good (although I will still take dumps on you cause I know you likes it!).

there may be no kissing and makeing-up with that make-up