Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Thursday, February 17

Thighs Wide Movies 2004

Top Tenners
But We Go To Heleven

sea it and u'll know twat i'm talkin bout
1) The Sea Inside
2) Hotel Rwanda
3) Million $$$ Baby
4) Closer
5) The Woodsman
6) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
7) Vera Drake
8) Napoleon Dynamite
9) Dig!
10) The Incredibles
11) Mayor of Sunsetstrip

Honorable Mentions: Harry Pots 3, Spidey 2, Ray, Kinsey, Mean Girls, Finding Neverland, Collateral, Valentin

1st Annual Thighs Wide
Movie Awards

They Coulda Been A Contender

peace the fork out big daddy

A Very Long Engagement &
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

How Is It Possible
That They Were Entertaining?

high on schmaltz and entertainment

The Terminal & I, Robot

The Julia Roberts
Please Stop Acting Award

why do u look so sirprized double V?

Reese Witherspoon &
Vince Vaughn

Best Tween Movie Not Starring
Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff

sleepover, more like careersareover


Biggest Tainting/Dicktease
On The Kingdom of Thighland

it was love at first tight

The Girl Next Door

Bestestist Dakota Fanning Movie

the mos bankable star

Man On Fire

Bestestist Movie Featuring
Dakota Fanning's Lil Sis Elle

phew, i thought once dakota hit puberty, we'd have no more bankable stars

The Door In The Floor

The Samuel L Jackson Award
For Most Overused Actor (tie)

but these guys aint got nuttin on Mace Windex

Don Cheadle & Jude Law,
with 6 movies each

Narliest Soundtrack

The Duke Blue Devils Most Overhyped
Wine Drinking Movie Award

get it, sideways?


The Gus van Sant
Most Pretentious/Wurstest Movie
Co-Starring Method Man
of the Year Award

this license plate has more of a plot than the movie

Garden Stale

Most Overlooked Movies of 2004 That Were
In Theaters 8 Seconds Longer Than 8 Seconds

also the amt of time it takes me to spunk all over cuthbert when she walks into a room

We Don't Live Here Anymore
Code 46

The Emma Watson Future-Hotness Award

what's wrong with me?

Emily Browning

Best Movies I Netlixed

any movie with penciled in staches and men wearing hooters outfits are bona fide gold in my book

Ali G Indahouse
THX 1138
Star 80
Harold and Maude
In This World &
Day for Night

Sweetest Napoleon Dynamite Line

he can also chuck beef farther than anyone i know

'How much you wanna make
a bet I can throw a football
over them mountains?
- Uncle Rico

M Night Shamalamadingdong's
BratWurstest Twist of The Year

what does the 'm' stand for?  m-sucks?

conning $114,195,633 out
of the American public

The Death to Smoochy Award
for Worstest Picture
of the Year (tie)

this award may be renamed next year cause of the awfulness that is 'beyond the sea'

Beyond The Sea/Watchable
Van Helsucks
The Stepford Wives &

Movies To Look For in 2005

lick my choda X-Box, this is the real deal!

I, Gyromite
Super-Giraffe: The Movie
4 Fast, 4 Furious
Sky Captain vs The Day After Tomorrow
The Life Auto With Joe Isuzu
Nailing The Girl Next Door In The Floor

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