Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Tuesday, February 15

I Guess That's
Why They Call It
The Behrooz

a gif, from me to you

- Newly single Katie Holmes coming to a Thigh Master near you? So sayeth The Fid Diddler.

- Rodney Roo prefers to donkey doo doo his Portia De Rossi all over his Bob Fosses. Be that as it may, it doesn't even f$%king compare to the amount of flunitrazepam I gave Cito Gaston last night, just to get a taste of his hot Toronto Blue Jay? So sayeth the Peabs!

- Speaking of, what do Portia de Rossi and Drea de Matteo have in common besides having a 'de' in between their names? They both enjoy sipping from the furry cup.

- Her Former Royal Thighness, LL, is such a doll. And now, a real doll, complete with a beige dress with faux-fur-trimmed coat, a director's chair, and a velvet rope. Perhaps if the doll becomes a success, they'll release a 'bad girl' edition complete with g-string, nip-slip dress, and a bottle of Jim. [via Trent Lotts]

- Franz Ferdinand: THE SODA!

- Where's your head at Astralwerks?

- Handsome Boy Modeling School hit the road.

- From the looks of this pic, I bet Mark McRoidsinthebuttviaCanseco can bench at least a 135. [via Guns n Rosenthal]

- Seriously, how did Oasis sell out MSG? Did Liam buy 2,445 tickets for his ego and 1 for his unibrow?

- Paris Hilton has so many tough choices to make.

- Bid on Damon Albarn's 12-piece sofa.

- IU rules. Take part in their Condom Fit & Feel Study.

- A six-legged frog has been found at a restaurant in China. Take a lick.

- While this bottom spot is usually dedicated to HRT the II, I decided to give her the day off so her boobs can grow ever larger! But I also wanted to give some love to a possible heir to the thrown, Nancy O'Brills. I mean, she already possesses two qualities that makes yer humble mumbler squeeze with ease: she's blonde AND doesn't fear rocking the side-boobage in public places. The following pic was from the SAG Awards. And honey, if you need help with the sagging, I'll be yer Dildo Baggins.

a least getty didnt cover up her side boobage