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Wednesday, February 16

He Who Giraffes Last
Giraffes Bestestiest

she's not only wiccan, but wicked smelly too!
- Giraffes are like the most innest animal these days. Hopefully no one will make the ultimate super-giraffe movie before I do! I mean, Willow quit her dayjob juss so she could work on our super-giraffe project on a full time basis. Raffi will score the film and change his name to G-Raffi. We're also looking to bring on Jim Gaffigan in some capacity, but he's not too fond of changing his name to Jim Giraffigan. I'll let you all know how the first draft/giraffe comes out.

- Kevy Federline's debut album to be produced by Michael Bolton? And unfortch, we aint talkin bout this Michael Bolton.

- George Michael to retire? Damn, I was hoping it was this George Michael. Related Thigh Master Lore: I interned at the Sports Machine for one whole day before quitting. I mean, there was no way that I was going to be forced to watch baseball games all summer long. Cumstain to think of it, I think Navi helped me get that ship of intern. Sorry for wasting yer time ole buddy.

- Big ups to Brian Mitchell, for pulling an Art Monk.

- CBGB Goodbye-e?

- Look, I'm filled with udder glee that los Twerps swept Duke this year, but I wouldn't even let Hitler eating a watermelon wear this sorry eggsuse for a tee.

- Tore My Anus Tori Amos hits the road.

- Pardon the Eruption, the closest thing to a PTI blog as we're gonna get.

- The Many Moods of Mischa Barton [via GirlHattie]

- Buddy Rich vs The Muppets' Animal. [via Double Vskiers]

- Green Day-Oasis-Travis-Eminem mashup puree. [via Pak-Daddy]

- AFRIColA: the commercials! [via BJNewms]

- Play Rod Strickland's Match Game.

- Thighs Wide Shut?

- OK, so maybe Nancy O'Brills is too much of a geezer to sit on my thrown and perform the daily rusty trombones that I require, but what about this up and (makesme)cummer that the DV boys spankfully brought to my attention... Lucy 'In The Thighs w/Diamonds' Pinder? Could someone kindly tell me what her face looks like cause I'm a lil too busy peeping at her Slippery von Yummyyams.

my car just hit a water buffalo, can i borrow your pink sash?