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Thursday, January 13

Thuggee Cult of Personality

mola's parents, CD and DVD ROM not pictured

- PEACE THE FORK OUT Temple of Doom's Mola Rom & DC's 'Alternative' radio station 99.1 WFHS, which has be transformed into a 24-hour fiesta. No one could pull a heart from a man's chest or betray Shiva they way you could, Mola! And no one could assemble such untimeless talents into a festival they way you did, WHFS! Like the one I attended in the summer of '92 where I took in the sounds of Catherine Wheel, Too Much Joy, Wolfgang Press, The Ocean Blue, Charlantans UK, Graham Parker, They Might Be Giants, and the long forgotten Soup Dragons. That lineup was so memorable that I had to Google to get it. [newsage via Shady H/Fleaski/M.M. Marvkus]

- Me didn't even think of it until today, but my flavorite author of the bowel moment and Sri Lankan resident, Arthur C Clarke, is alive and well.

- Everyone gave Gweniee & Chris Boring such a hard time for naming their baby Apple. Well, I guess 'Nappies' didn't help matters, but how come I haven't heard one peep about Beck & Sister Ribisi naming their golden child Cosimo? Ah, who cares, at least Beck's supposedly gonna rap on his new album.

- Add Doves to the Coachella line-up.

- Lincoln, Spielberg, Neeson. A nice.

- Bob Marley's remains to be moved to Ethiopia. Don't worry folks, he'll still be surrounded by people who don't wash their hair and smoke pot in the name of the Ja. Sounds like the life to me!

- Playboy Playmate On Trial For Assaulting Boyfriend's Ex-Girlfriend At Nightclub. The best part of the whole story is it proves that Jeff Garcia is NOT gay. [via Fleaski]

i cant stand him, yet i'll keep posting his articles

- The CBS big whigs that really should get the axe is whomever hired 60 Minutes II's Steve Hartman. Either read or watch his latest social crapentary.

- Is there nothing more rougher than a Jewish rapper named Cleetus Friedman who sports Washington Bullets gear from head to toe? Yeah, ANYTHING! [via Setlzer with an 'H']

- Speaking of the Chosen People, aren't they/we the only peeps who should be drinking Manischewitz fine grape wines? [via Navi via IsThatLegal?]

- Fear the Turtle bracelets? First of all, no one fears playing the Terps anymore and secondly, no one fears a man/woman/child who wears a bracelet. Juss ask the bullied fat kids.

- Zack Morris, AC Slater, and Screech rapping [Qwiktime]. To some a whorrible nightmare, but to Kelly Kapowski's lil sis, a wet dream come true. [via Double V via College Hummers]

- World's wurstest animated gif featuring Clinton Portis can be found right here. [via Jay Bilzzzz$$]

- World's wurstest album cover can be found right here.

- Say No To Grampa Joe

- Tr3nt, if you keep posting about J-L Spears, I'm afraid bad and dirty things might happen to myself as well as others. Please note that I didn't say stop. And to help us get our minds outta the gutter, here's a collage of Her Royal Thighness The II proving that you don't have stop wearing white after labor day... hispecially if you hail from the supple lands of Nepal.

fitting that it sez 'FOX' below her body