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Wednesday, January 26

Sometimes I Feel Like
My Blog Is Poop

Yes, you read that right,
at least he's doing something
[via My Man Marvkus]

- It NEVER ends... count Coldplay and NIN are a go for Coatchecka!!

- UPDATE!!!! And according to this report, you can offically pencil in Bloc Party, French Kicks, British Sea Power, and Ambulance LTD.

- Debbie Gibson's 34 year-old body will splash the pages of Playboy's March issue, which happens to coincide with the release of her new single 'Naked'. I Eggspect a lot of you peeps have been waiting to 'Shake Your Love', I mean beat off to her, for eons.

- On the other hand (I guess that would be yer non m-bating head), looks like we'll never see Keira Knightley's arse, ever. [via Oh No They Didn't]

- What's hot, sweaty, and comes in a three pack? This.

- That AMEX ad featuring Robert DeNiro is upsetting his fans. What, did his 'fans' forget about Godsend, Shark Tale, Analyze That, Showtime, and of course, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle?

- Baby Spice busted her hymen by age 16, has never been in a threesome, was given a vibrator by Scary Spice, and once streaked down the hall of a Four Seasons Hotel. OK, lettuce all move on with our lives now...

- Don't cry, but Molly Weasley/Julie Walters got the axe from Goblet of Fire.

- Nobody does Cover Art Recipes better than the Fiddler. Actually, I think he's the only one who does it. Bless you.

- Want a second opinion for Oscar picks? Head to the Double V.

- Bikini-clad and drunk college students swimming in baby oil. Did you already drop a load in yer pants? Sorry, but I forgot to mention that they were Duke students. MRqjnfjbch2eyuck! [via Navi]

- Wanna attend a taping of Last Call w/Carson Douche Bag? Didn't think so, but you could see the Zutons, Tori Amos, The Music, or Kings of Leon if you did.

- The memoralizing of Johnny Carson never ends. Why Peabs has even joined in on the action: 'I know this may be in poor taste to speak ill of a man's cock size when he has recently passed; howevs, Peabs assures you that it [Carson's] doesn't taste nearly as poor as the queefing vaggie vag of your Aunt Mabel.'

- Huh? [via Dr Falada]

- Gawd I love sausages! [vid via Nipsy Newbsy]

- Before you're gay, you see The Hole.

- And to hell with Google's new Video search engine. I mean, this is all you get when you type 'elisha cuthbert'? That isn't Beta, that's bootleg, like Jerry Glanville's coaching style. I'll stick with Yahoo!'s video search engine, which actually netted some Cuthbert hotness. And by some, I mean links to video. Anywho, the internets have a long way to go before they are as perfect as Her Royal Thighness the II. In the meantime, go here to watch some choice clips of her that I found using neither of dem search engines, or just drool over the following pic...

IMO, the side boob still rules over the nip slip