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Sunday, December 12

A to Zissou

- Will the reel Steve Zissou please stand up. Seriously, there is a real person named Steve Zissou. And if yer last name happened to be Focker, you could have won a free vacation, aka a Focker Family Reunion, on behalf of Universal Pictures.

this is a harder search than searching for bobby fischer
- Also in the world of Zissou... My attempts at finding Team Zissou Adidas kicks have hit a bump in the rhode. The Life Aquatic site's store claims they offer said shoes, but have no more available. I have gone ahead and contacted Adidas to see if they have any, so stick around my Thighlettes!

- Did I mention that Zissou kinda sounds like Isuzu. And who the fork ever buys an Isuzu anymore? I mean, you know things are ruffer than a cats tongue when you gotta resurrect Joe Isuzu from his sarcophagus!

- One last Zissou thing... only cause I love using the word 'Zissou'... I'm willing to give the movie another go after being disappointed by my round 1 viewing. Maybe I'm missing something or I was juss too nervous during World Premiere screening cause I thought that Scott Rudin was going to eat me or buy the rights to my next bowel movement.

Non-Zissou related items start... NOW!!!

- Jeopardy!'s ratings plummet without Ken Jennings. DUH! Good, cause us Trebek groupies don't want you watching our umcredible show anymore anywayz anyhow anywho anywhere anythat anywhy and sometimes y. Switch off your brain and go back to watching Wheel of Boring.

- The monkey man himself, Ian Brown comes to town/Webster Hell on Saturday February 26. Eggspect him to throw out some Stone Roses jounks during the show. Tix are $30 and can be purchased here.

- Bored? Watch.

- Following up with a story reported months back, the Vermonster man who's home was overran by his herd of 300 goats just won permission to move them out of the state. I guess that means the poor old man will be forced to return to the old ways of gettin his doug jolleys on: masturbatin'.

- The Pasadena City College Courier (yes, one of the finest publications in all the world) claims that Stereogum is run by man named Steve Stereogum. Thats news to me, but maybe Steve is the new Scott. Anywho, Steve has recently gone Lohan CRAZY! Guess I'm out of a job, eh?

- Well I guess not, cause you know this is still yer one stop shop for all things Her Former Royal Thighness the I. Tweaking of... LL opens up about someone more troubled than her, her father: "I love my father very much, whatever he does. I don't respect what he's doing, but he's always been there for me and I love him. I don't do drugs and don't approve of drugs." Pish pah sweetits! That's not what you said when we were hitting our four foot bong and blowing lines off of prostitutes' breasts ala RoboCop! Anwyho, she took time out of her bizzy schedule of crying over pictures of Fez and blowing lines off of prostitutes' breasts ala RoboCop to make an appearance at Z100's Jingle Ball. Can you bee leave she was in the same building as Fez's new supposed love trAshlee Simpson AND rival Hilary Duff?!?!?! Now dem be some catfights people would pay per view to see!! Below is a pic I snapped of LL and her new background singers. It was DESTINY that brought them together.

more pics from Ball here