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Wednesday, December 15

Blathering Blatherskite

something wicked this way cums
- Harry Pothead is too em-bare-assed of his younger self to watch the first film. I bet he prefers watching The Prisoner of Azkaban cause Hermione's ever-developing boobs make his broom stick straight up!

- Colin Fuzzybrows did NOT bone Lohan. I'm sure that makes Disney happy since they don't want her to get nekkid.

- Puffer face and Jacky W gone splittsville for good?

- Eagles coach Andy Reid's rules the world and all he gets is this lousy cake?

- 'Give me a weapon of mass affection...' Boy o boy indeed! [via Ceffle via Metafilter]

- Who will be Biography's person of the year? Tune in tonight @ 8pm EST. Honestly, it should be Lohanski. No one has had a year like she has... besides me and the many nip/boob slips we've seen.

- The Ring Two looks like a major boo. This just in, scissors AREN'T scary!

- Wanna dress like Ali G? Ya missed yer chances!

- Here be some vids to pass the time: Mariko Takahashi's Fitness Video and Ouch. [via Del Roachclip]

- And yes, someone out there actually wasted their time creating a url dissing Gizmoduck.