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Monday, November 1

The Weapons of
A$$ Destruction

with an a$$ like that, do we even need to see her face?
- Why rent the worstest movie mt everest, aka The Girl Next Store, starring Easy-E Cuthbert, aka Her Royal Thighness The II, when you can watch the BREASTEST part over and over right here (and if you don't have sound, u can juss read her lips, I know I DO!!). Bi da weigh, this is pretty much a good representation of how our evenings are filled... that's why she's so convincing of an actress. [via Shady Harry's Son]

- Major congrats to the MD Twerps who finally beat FSU for the first time ever. Too bad yer record is a bunk-a$$ 4-4.

- Chemical Brothers' drop their next LP Push the Button on January 25th. Q-Tip is on board for a song, but what other fun sirprizes lie ahead? Meanwhilst, Fischerspooner are putting the finishing touches on their second album, tentatively titled 'Odyssey', with Mirwais behind the wheels. Guest star pastabilties include David Byrne, Linda Perry, Susan Sontag and Tony Hoffer. It'll drop sometime next Spring.

- Twin Peaks Season 2 DVDs coming out in late 2005?

- The Futureheads pay a visit to the Canal Room this Wednesday night. Tis only 8 bones!!

- Ricky Gervais turns Oasis shill.

- Albarn, Gallygerrrr and Damien Hirst are a go for Band Aid III.

- Someone please stop this man!

- If you are a multi-tasker like el Maestro of Thighs, I recommend you start using Mozilla's Firefox browser. Tabs aint just for Microsoft Excel any mo!!

next stop, The Apple Dumpling Gang with Don Knotts?
- The first Lohan Herbie: Fully Loaded pic has been unleashed!! For a second there, I thought this was a sneak peek at Tim Burton's version of The Oompah Loompahs!! (click image for enlargement)

- Enjoy G Dub's cover of 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'? Here's a whole bunch mo.

- Chris Columbus currently be shopping around his Little Steven's Underground Garage Festival doc to the big studios.

- Bored? Play with Rubik's Cube.

- Peace the fork out doesn't always apply to people who die. I'd like to extend some Forking to the following peeps: Goldie, Kathy Whiteside, Ira Mellman and Johnny Dark, who all got the pink slip from WBIG Oldies 100, the radio station I interned at in the mid 90s, and a berry belated PEACE THE FORK OUT to my main man and lass, Senor & Senora Gomberigas. Hope you make the most out of yer new Midwest digs, i.e. eating at Steak n Shake for every meal.

- And speaking of Senor G, he passed along this fine link: A Montana Woman Is Accused of Letting Her 18-MONTH-OLD Daughter Smoke Marijuana From A Bong. That almost makes this guy look normal: Idaho Man Accused of Stealing Underwear