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Tuesday, November 2

Skate Vote or Die!!

she wont be busting budgets on her new show, juss people's chops

- What is sure to be the hottiest show of the fall that no one is even talkin' bout? How bout good ole Rachael Ray and her latest joint called Inside Dish. Instead of pestering tourism employees and homeless people on where to find a bargain meal, she gets to annoy the crap out of famous peep-holes like Morgan Freeman, Mariel Hemingway, and Dennis Franz. And if we're lucky, maybe she'll get crazy stoned and turn into a lizard when she jams with Cheech Marin. Even if that happens, she still won't be as baked as she was on the Amsterdam edition of $40 A Day!

- Which of these is in the K-Rock Claus Fest 2004 line-up is not like the others: VELVET REVOLVER, KORN, PAPA ROACH, JIMMY EAT WORLD, CHEVELLE, and FRANZ FERDINAND. I'll give you a hint, has to do with a WWI assassinated dude and the band's music is actually something u can listen to without puking on yerself. Give up? Then go ahead and buy tickets to the show @ Continental Arena, Friday, December 3rd. The password is 'turnpike'

- Saw Saw? But will you see Saw 2 too?

- If Bush loses, at least he can mcnabb a free acupuncture!

- Calling all waiters: GET YER A$$ TO PHILLY!!

- Who knew that Dr Seuss was a sell-out before he could even sell-out, Horton?

- Delpy & Theroux: Dopest screen couple since Law & Watts in I Heart Crapabees? Methinks so!

- And finally, if you do not vote, I will cease to post sweaty pics of Her Royal Thighness II. You've been warned...

gawd only knows where my penis would be without you