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Sunday, November 7

Scorpio Rising

What a great day today was today.

Not only did my belovededed Redskins actually win a fooball game today, but today I won a 80s Redskins sweater I've been yearning for for many years and many todays! Here's is a picture of my belovededed Joe Gibbs wearing the sweater, not today, but from yesteryeartoday.

in gibbs we lust

Not only that, but these beautiful babies were born on this today years ago today...

Marie Curie
Bizatch was mad radioactive!

Leon Trotsky
An original Marx bros, Harpo, Groucho, and Pinko?

Herman J. Mankiewicz
Dude's work was an inspiration for
the White Stripes' song 'The Union Forever'

Viola Spolin

Anastasiya Georgiyevskaya
Who times 2?

Billy Graham
Gawd works in mysterious ways

Dana Plato
Different Croaked

Bianca Trump
NSFW tramp

Jason London & Jeremy London
1972 & 1972

Anthony Thomas
Mediocre RB who ran all over dem sorry a$$ G-men today

and The Thigh Master
Master of Thighs,
ruler of Thighland,
spouse of Her Royal Thighness
also 1977

And here's our whoreoscope from the Chi-town Sun-Times

IF NOV. 7 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY: You'll be so grateful for what this year brings [like that wicked case of oral herpes I got?] -- and your gratitude helps multiply your good fortune. [I always do thank my clients after giving them BJs and HJs] Next month features the games people play, and you love a good game! [well i do love a good game of Connect Four] Plus, you're so adept at learning the rules and strategizing to optimize results. That's why your career takes off in January. [when I resume my breakdancing career] A major relationship choice is featured in June. [awesome, can't wait to get laid... in JUNE!] Your lucky numbers are 1, 9, 24, 39 and 52. [bullshit, my lucky #s are 7, 11, 13, 22, 1977, 2001, 2112, and my pin #]

Thanks to all who made the trek out to Queens on Saturday for my Sausage Fest B-day at the Bohemian Beer Garden, hispecially the cameos made by Joe E Tartar, RayKwan the Chef, and Meggghannn!! With last weak end's big hoorah in DC and all this past weak end's meat & beer filled sheninagans, this was one of me mos favoritistic b-day mr everest!!!