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Thursday, October 28

The Triplets Wellville

- Welcome back from the hospital Lohandjob! Now move your stinking crap out of the Thighland Palace or I'll Ask Jeeves to do it for you.

probably the only woman on earth that i'd let take a dump on me
- Stephen King may look like a nutbag, but he's wise beyond his looks. On his list of Pet Peeves of 2004, he said 'For every pretty, talented Elisha Cuthbert there is a Paris Hilton (and her little dog, too).' Notice that he mentioned that she was pretty first, talented second. He did however neglect to mention that any woman worthy of succeeded LL as Her Royal Thighness is worthy or having a religion founded in her honor: The Church of Latter Day Cuthberts.

- Johnny Depp + Kef Richards = future UMCREDIBLEness!! Speaking of Mob Depp, here's the first look at him as Willy Wonks. [2nd item via ProductShoppppppppe]

- Get yer Ashlee Simpson limited edition iPods here! [via Megbot]

- (juss in case u missed it) Bush gives the finger video & animated gif styles! [via Guns n' Rosenthal & Ultrahottie respectively]

- Has Ben Affleck officially replaced Carrot Top as box office poison king? (hat tip to Norm MacDonald)

- Fatboy Slim is going on a lil mini-US tour. Tix already on sale for the following dates:
Nov 10 @ Toronto Film Studios, Toronto (duh!)
Nov 12 @ Metro, Chi-Town
Nov 13 @ Drive-In Studios, NYC
Dec 7 @ The Premier, Seattle
Dec 8 @ Natural History Museum, LA
Dec 10 @ Mezzanine, San Franny
Dec 11 @ Forest Theater, Dallas

- Moby to release two albums next March: one full o' songs, the other all ambient stizz. But when is he gonna stop being boring?

- Ed Wood's final film unearthed. Maybe it should have stayed there.

- David O. Selznick gets a star on the Hollywood Walk o' Fame... 40 years after he dies. Did you know the 'O' actually stands for NOTHING!

- There's so much to enjoy on Daunte Culpep's website, like the ill na-na beats or the info contain under the 'Whassup?' section.

- Why does IU and Purdukie always have to make everything a competition?

- Not like you needed an eggcuse to watch Don Francisco do his thang on this fin de semana's edition of Sabado Gigante!

- Now not be a good time to be a hippie soccer player in Iran.

size matters not
- My mostest flavoristic dwarf actor of all time, Peter Dinklage is engagded to theater director Erica Schmidt! CONGRATSu-f-in-lations my man!!! [via NY Daily News]

- Didn't Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest die in the car accident along with Zach Morris, aka Mark-Paul Gosselaar? Apparently not since he just released a solo album. [via Joe E Tartar]

- Beloveded Trainspotting bar to be saved.

- Why are British people called "limeys"?

- Allergic cat haters will soon be allowed to visit the Thigh Master's rents house with ease! [via The Thinker]

- Grambs has Twenty Word Movie Reviews (currently under construction), but for those with even worse cases of ADD, how bout Four Word Reviews?

- [via My Man Marvkus]

- This Saturday, Roctober 30th at the Museum of TV & Radio in NY catch all 13 Simpsons Halloween eps starting at 12:30pm [via The Henry Scollins Band]

- What's the word of the year YOU were born? Naff all dat!

- Don't adjust yer TV set, er, um computer monitor.

- For those who aren't in the know, the mos ultimate teen show on telly be Smallville. It's like The OC with super powers and even co-stars a Duke from Hazzard county. While everyone including Clark Kent salivates over the fine Lana Lang, the real tang o' poon that everyone should be boning for is that of uber-hotness Chloe Sullivan, aka Allison 'The' Mack. I leave you with eggzibit A which will surely help get her inducted to the Thigh Master's Hall of Jizz in Cleavage, OHio...

it takes a SUPERman to get into her pants!
[pic love via Pakulashaker]