Show Me That Smile Again…

– To hell with the re-united Wu-Tang Clan and to heaven with the re-united Seaver Clan, sans stoopid a$$ Leo who forgot his roots!! Gawd DANG Joanna Kerns/Maggie Seaver is STILL so fruckin FLY! And DANG gawd Jeremy Miller/Ben Seaver is STILL so frodging awkward looking! [via My Man Marvkus]

you've been seavered

– Ken Jennings is not only some kinda genius, but a dirty lil bastage. When the answer was ‘This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker’ he said this. [via Radosh via Posh n Beckers]

– Itching to play Halo 2 a month before it comes out, and for free?

Beatles + Cirque du Soleil = Siegfried and Roy replacement!

White Stripes to release one of me mos personal favorite covers EVERgreen as a single: Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’.

Lohan is That 70’s Show bound and hopefully gagged. Me didn’t realize that that show was still on the air.

– Farrell & Fox to team up for Miami Vice flick? Maybe they can get Don Johnson & Philip Michael Thomas to duet on the sdtrk.

if rerun from what's happening was white and LAME as balls

This guy really loathes IKEA.

– The single most unpopular gift for the holly-daze has got to be Turd Birds.

– Why do CDs cost $15.99?

$0.17 Musicians’ unions

$0.80 Packaging/manufacturing

$0.82 Publishing royalties

$0.80 Retail profit

$0.90 Distribution

$1.60 Artists’ royalties

$1.70 Label profit

$2.40 Marketing/promotion

$2.91 Label overhead

$3.89 Retail overhead

Wal-Mart sez eat a dick to that shiz!

These cookies aren’t eggzactly Prince Charming. Ahhhhhhh snap, ginger style!

– How the fiddlesticks can Chick-fil-A be the #1 drive-thru spot in Amorica when we aint even gots on in the NYC area and it’s closed on Sundays? [via The Fiddler]

– It goes without saying that Uncle Grambo is the f-in BlogFather of the entire f-in blogosphere. Yesterday’s post was eggceptional… and I aint juss saying that cause he gave me some stizz love or that we’re heteroflexible lovers.

– Our gal CityRagDoll drops the story behind Britney Federline’s foot tattoo.

– You know yer a bona fide cultural icon when you get poked fun of in a video game. Case eggzample: that fat Star Wars kid in the new Tony Hawk game. [via Pakulashaker]

– Pray that this isn’t yo granny!! [NSFW via Z de la Roachclip]

– Free movie ticks to Finding Neverland and for us NYCers: Sideways & Undertow

– In the WTF department, we give you the wurstest David Bowie cover mt everest! [via Popbitch]

– And here’s something for you San Francisicindiansians to do this tweakend:

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