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Tuesday, October 26

Peel & Eat Pimp

- Peace the fork out DJ Jazzy John Peel.

oh thigh master, u crack my shit up, but please stop sneaking into my dressing room to smell my panties!!
- Cher wishes she could turn back time, well, I do too. I wish I was 19, enrolled at U of Tejas' film dept, and it was September so me could've worked on Cuthbert's latest joint Dot. That's right, Longhorn students gots the opps to work on a feature friggin film!! Eat my a$$ IU!! But had I worked on that shoot, I would have been so dang Longhorny around the C-Bert that she would've had to slap a restraining order on me. But who sez she hasn't done so already?

- Heard about that fab MSG New Year's Sha-Bang starring The Flaming Lips, Wilco, and Sleater-Kinney? Well boviously u don't read ProductHopNYSea. Internet pre-sale begins Monday, November 1 @ 10 a.m. EDT at Wilco's site and the public on sale is Friday, November 5 @ 10 a.m. via Ticketbastard.

- To hell with Phriday, how bout Stereogum-Simpson Photoshop Phuesday!

- Remember that San Jose Mystery House I gabbed about a couple o weeks back? It was profiled this morning on CBS. And what better time to visit the ole house than this Halloween weekend with their flashlight tours!

- Allah Made Me Funny. Sure he did!!

- Stormtroopers need to take a dump too!

- Tits not what you think. [via The Thinker]

- The Testicle Festival. Where everyone has a ball! [via Made of Brawnsteeen]

- Will Hooters single handedly bring down Communism in China? We wish the new franchise the breast of luck! [1nce again via Made of Brawnsteeen]

- X-Ray cameraphones are available in Japan. What's their equivalent of a Peeping Tom? Peeping Hiroshi? [via the I-Train]

- Can you imagine being 113 years old and a Red Sox fan?

- These dead people still make more money than you alls and eye combined!!!
1. Elvis Presley $40m
2. Charles Schulz $35m
3. JRR Tolkien $23m
4. John Lennon $21m
5. Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel $18m
6. Marilyn Monroe $8m
7. George Harrison $7m
7. Irving Berlin $7m
7. Bob Marley $7m
10. Richard Rodgers $6.5m
11. George and Ira Gershwin $6m
11. Jimi Hendrix $6m
11. Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe $6m
11. Cole Porter $6m
15. James Dean $5m
15. Dale Earnhardt Sr $5m
15. Jerry Garcia $5m
15. Freddie Mercury $5m
15. Tupac Shakur $5m
15. Frank Sinatra $5m

And tits been awhile, but at the suggestion of Kim, one of our dear readers, did u realize that Interboring's Carlos D and Crispin Glover were Bitched @ Swirth?

is danny glover the father?