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Friday, October 29

Not Yer Average Joe Friday

i feel bad, he only has 4 fingers

- And how bout some Photoshop Phriday phun!!

- What's grosser than gross? I guess anything over 144, but the fact that this girl, who used to work in my office, is doling out costume sex advice. YUCKIKES!!! [via Tim Werespanko/Ram Her Cruisemanko]

- The film I'm dying to see is I, Curmudgeon. No, this isn't the sequel to some overbloated Will Smith movie, but a documentary featuring interviews with such bastards as comic booker Harvey Pekar, Kid In The Hall Scott Thompson, and the greatest of them all, Andy Rooney. It plays next Thursday in Minny Appleous as a part of the Get Real Docuementary Film Festival.

- Straight Doper Cecil Adams always has an answer to the most random of questions. This week's queries: Have we ever had a killer in the White House? & What happens to all the stuff that goes down the toilet?

- Translate any url into Ali G-nese. When you apply dis to TWS, yer brain will explode. [via The Thinker]

- One thing I've always wanted to do since moving to NYC during Halloween, but still won't get the chance cause I is DC bound this weekend: Legend Weekend in the Sleepy Hollow hiz-area

- Many Bothans died to bring you Bush's debate notes. [via Dickie Greenleaf]

- Moby is a wuss.

- Poor poor Rip Torn.

- If you see one movie this weekend, or for that matter, this year, GO SEE Ray. Read our glowing review here where we basically guaranteed that Jamie Foxx will win the Best Actor Oscar. I'll really be shocked if he doesn't.

- And here's a great site of crap where I nicked this fantab animated gif
the wonderful world of jizzney

Added final note #1...
The breastest Bitched @ Swirth I've seen in awhile is HERE, from dem fine Whiney Sea Folk!!! [via Spence For Hires Root Beer]

Added final note #2...
Czech out this krizazy stat (via CBS) that Joey Sack o' Nickel reminded me of: Since voters elected Franklin Roosevelt to his first of four terms in 1932, the Redskins have forecast the next president of the United States. Over the past 18 elections, a Redskins victory in their last home game before Election Day has preceded a victory by the incumbent party. A home loss before the vote has preceded a loss by the incumbent party. The Redskins play host the Green Bay Packers in Week 8 on Sunday. Well don't worry cause the Redskins WILL win, cause I'll be at the game, and so will JFKerry. Thinker seems to agree since this is the year of the Masshole. And juss for shiz and biggles, the Skins were the last team to beat los Pats, and I was at that game too! The Daniel should give me season tickets for being the squad's lucky rabbit foot!!