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Friday, September 24

Welcome To The TerrorDome Piece

back in black
- As reported earlier, former t.A.T.u. svengali, Ivan Shapovalov has pieced together the first act in what has got to be a new genre of music: suicide bomber pop. Is the world ready for his latest perversion, n.A.T.o.? Pretty tasteless that the tix to their first show on 9/11 resembled airline tickets. [via Popbitch]

- Dan the Automattica and the Gorillaz gone (marc) splitzville? Too bad his replacement is Danger Mouse. Bring on the next shoe shine, cause ya know its gonna be cool.

- This is more of Stereogumesque than Thighs Wide material, but why not bid on Britney's discarded Cheetos bag. [via Cranberrymer/Defamer]

- And if you thought that was awful, czech out this penis-shaped Nugget.

- Sinbad O'Connor has taken out a full-page ad in a national Irish newspaper pleading for people to leave her alone. That's like telling yer older brother to stop hitting you. They'll end up just doing it more.

- Franz Federline's drummer is apparently too hip to pay for a restaurant check.

- Hilary Muff goes 'ghetto'. How 'retarded', as Her Royal Thighness might say.

- I've heard of milkmen, but breastfeeding men!? This is f-in redonkeydonk!! [via Ms Ism]

- As soon as I own a car, I'm mcnabbing the license plate GOTMILF.

- First Daughter is probably gonna be one the wurstest movies ever. Gawd, I can't wait to see it!

- This is the breast guitar since the keytar.

- Students Punished For Having Stripper Pole In On-Campus Apartment. The word 'punished' should be replaced with 'applauded'.

- Prostitute Squad Sidelined In Guatemalan Soccer Tournament!!!