Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Thursday, September 23


- Unconfirmed reports say that Lohan may have eaten breakfast this morning.

whaddya think, this is hooters?
- Why is there an IHOP on Mannyhattan and NOT one Waffle House? I'm tellin ya, I'm gonna find an investor and we're going to open one in Times Square and make 7 ga-zillion billion dollars. [via Made of Brawnsteeen]

- Rosa Parks is old and losing it and may not be able to testify in her case vs OutKast's record company BMG. However, HeyYa Johnson, Aintathang Buttachickenwing Edwards, and Spread Forme Jenkins may be called to the stand.

- Can anyone peas eggsplain to me why National Museum of the American Indian isn't the National Museum of the Native Americans?

- I'll review Open Water berry soon, but in the mean time, czech out the true story that inspired it.

- That uber-scrum-deli-umptious blondie from the last Bond movie, Rosamund Pike, has just signed on for the Doom movie, which stars De Rock and that dude from LOTR: Two Towers with the crazy-arsed helmet.

- Fun and freedom of speech has officially ended at the Uni of Merryland. "Rock and Roll, Part II" has not only been banned from Terps football games, but now basketball games. Maybe if Duke didn't suck so much kak in the 1st place, this wouldn't even be an issue. [via and all a-polly-gees to Navi the Blue Devil Dog]

- Pitney Bowes is auctioning off autographed envelopes. The person who bidded on Ryan Seacrest's should be flogged in a public square.

- The Shawshank Redemption breast film to not win Breast Picture? Uh, hello, Citizen Kane (or perhaps Coz' pre-Peabs work in Ghost Dad)?

- Warner Brudders delays the release of Ollie Stone's Alexander, claiming it'll help their chances with Mr Oscar. I dunno bout you, but after seeing the trailer, they should start preparing Razzie speeches.

hair today, career gone tomorrow
- Cybill Shepherd is gearing up to play Don King. Leslie Shepherd could not be reached for comment.

- Love Ohio State and need a sweater? Bid on this phatty sweater.

- Be the first on yer block to visit MoMA: Revenge of the Sith.

- Do you have a NFL stadium fetish? Click here.

- Eminem M&Ms to fight breast cancer.

- Steeler QB Ben Roethlisberger got em self a website. And thanks gawd the url aint Cause who would ever remember how to spell that sheetz?

- Dumbestist thing of the week. [via Zach de la Roachclipper]

- Plastered outta yer mind on St Ides? Don't drive a car, ride a horse!

- Go to CVS, buy a stomach and save 4 whole dollars!!