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Tuesday, September 21

I'm Anon Amos
And I'm A Linkaholic

- Breastest Lohan headline EVER: Dad Defends Daughter's Breasts. And probably the wurstest thing about being Lohan's daddy is being able to talk about her (joe e) ta-tas, but not being able to draw a map of Hawaii on them.

what could be hottier than this?
- t.A.T.u. admit they don't drink from the furry cup and that their 'new' look and act will be 'hotter than ever before'. How is that possible if they plan on 'getting rid of their skimpy school uniforms'? Maybe they'll wear bras made of cream cheese and panties made of their own pubic hair! In the same article, there's talk of an Office spin-off with secretary Dawn and everyman Tim. [via StereoBritKnee]

- Heard about the banned Streets video for "Blinded By The Lights"? Well, czechs it out here: Windows Media jounks or Real Player stizzups. [1st link via U of Grambsy]

- Typing about Grambs, what the deli-yo wit dis:

- Rest in peace MisShapes, cause yous just got the NYThymes treatment. And who the hell is this Sarah Lewitinn Spinstress anywayzit? I dunno, but I hear she's been so much fun since she started blogging again. Wink wink, nudge nudge, dig doug. [via Chillary & Cewebrity]

- Astralwerks Showcase for the CMJ-A-Thon, starring The Concretes, VHS or BETA, Sondre Lerche and The Golden Republic, Thursday, October 14th @ Bowery Ballroom. More details to come soon....

- Kerry may not have a plan, but he does have a brain. I don't think the other guy does. See here.

- Da Da Vinci Code gotz banned in Lebanon. Dang, I guess Rony will have to buy all the copies for the rest of the Seikaly clan.

nickel me this batman!
- What the fudgecicles is this crap? NICKEL PLEASE!!! When did the gov-mint decide that TJ should look like one of the half-assed drawn cartoon characters in Bass/Rankin's bastardization of The Hobbit? I blame Bush. Vote Lohan/Dukakis in November. [via Kid Kadoji]

- Liam Gally-grrrrrrrr and Ricky Gervais team up to re-record David Brent's 'hit' single, "Free Love Freeway". [via GoldenFiddleFaddle]

- Here's an interesting idea: Dude finds a camera's memory card in a taxi and posts one of the pictures each day and narrates as if he was the person who actually took the photos. He calls it: I Found Some Of Your Life. [via Cefarooney]

- The most pointless event to look forward to in 2005: 26th Annual Mooning of Amtrak. [via Made of Brawnsteeen]

- Bid on HAL 9000 leftovers or a knife from The Shining. [via Navi the Barbarian]

- Vertically challenged girl who loves boning and can 'suck a basketball through a garden hose' is looking for some companionship. Inquire within. [via Zach de la Roachclip]

- Looks like Miss Alabama's website was created circa 1995.

- Retrocrush reveals the 50 Coolest Monkeys! Grape Ape got the shaft.

i would have paid a zillion dollars to be at this photoshoot!
- Roger Ebert finally gets himself a real website... well sorta. And judging by this picture, he loves the band L7... well sorta.

- What's this Jude Law Alfie remake all about? All I know is that he gets to bang Susan Sarandon and you can see it fo free!

- This be My Man Marvkus' favorite wurstest local commercial (Windows Media). It's quickly becoming mine too.

- I've had bad milkshakes before, but this is recockulous!

- Click here for a nasty ole NSFW animated gif.

- My Other Jesus is a Camaro: The T-Shirt [vonce again from Zach de la R]

- And here's some questions that make my anal itch: Can you use diesel fuel instead of regular gas? What the fudge is Bill Watterson doing? And seriously, Who Is Harry Crumb?