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Wednesday, September 22

Breast In Peace

without russ, would there have been a bond movie called Octopussy
- Peace the fork out to Russ Meyer. You gotta love a man who was more obsessed with boobs than me!! I mean his first feature was called The Immoral Mr. Teas for crying out loud. Bovs.

- FUGEES REUNITE (!!!!) at Chappelle's Block Party!!! Pras can now finally pay his electric bill.

- Cat Stevens Yusuf Islam banned from the US. Probably cause he hasn't had a decent album since the 70s. [via Navi]

- Barbara Walters bids adieu to John Stossel and his mustache this Friday on 20/20. And bless the men in suits who OKayed this muy bonita chica as her replacement! I wanna run my dedos thru her pelo all noche long.

- Baseball may be coming back to DC! Get a life or a real city Northern Virginia.

- Preview the new R.E.M. album [via ProductShoppeeNYSea]

- Flavor Flav is making it safe once again to wear Viking helmets.

- I wonder what the reserve price was for Mother Nature's Undercarriage? [via Zach de la Roachclip]

peter pansy
- The mostest flamboyant (read: flaming dr poophole) man ever that also happens to look like Emo Phillips and happens to make fairy costumes can be found here. He makes the Tron Guy look like Jude Law. [via Guns n' Rosenthal]

- There's a pre-sale for The Used show at Roseland tomorrow at 10am. The password is 'memories'

- George Bush covers 'Sunday Bloody Sunday'. [via My Man Marvkus via Black Table via con dios]

- We're the 3rd most popular link when searching for 'grundle ball sweat'. My parents must be so proud!!

- When life hands Evan Dando a lemon, I guess he decided it was time to make a new Lemonheads album. Good, cause I'm dying to know if Ray is still shameful after all these years.

- Hilton/Lohan 2004: The T-Shirt!?!?!! Crapsticks!!! Someone beat me to the punch. Anyone interested in Lohan/Dukakis '08 shirts I have in the works? Also, does anyone know of a better tee place that CafePress?

please, TEASE AWAY!!
- Speaking of H.R.Thighness, here's the only pic I could find of Lohan on the cover of GQ.

- To hell with the Rock, this chick is the real Scorpion King. By the weigh, if yer a Scorpio like me, you rule the world, but you probably already know that.

- Lettuce juss say that this guy wouldn't make the cut for the animated gif-ted and talented class. [via Penna Pastahead]

- Watch the boy in the background (NSFW) [via Lil White Chapel]

- Man Shoots Wife, Mistakes Her for Monkey. Now that's love!