Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Saturday, May 8

A Night That Will Live
In Infamous

This sign is more truthful
than your government
After the 'nettes show (see entry below), I had one final mission before I passed out, and would eventually end up oversleeping til 9:50 am the next day. I was to supply the bagels for mumsy and her Mumsy's Day brunch back home. Cause there be no way after being a 5-year NYC native that I would bother to eat a Maryland bagel. So there be only one logical place to purchase the Jewish manna of kings, H & H Bagels. These bagels are the stuff of legends, myths, lore, and blogs. I plum forgot to even add it to the Magna Carta of food, the P.T.E.B4.U.D. (Places To Eat B4 U Die) list. And when I stumbled in the joint 'round 1 am, they's was still taking them out of the oven. I asked for a baker's dozen and a baker's dozen I gots. The plain 'gels were so steaming hot that they whispered to me that I should eat them. I complied. Shit was so good, it be like tasting pretzels sans the chunky salt. The bagels are so f-in huge, that they took up the majority of space in my luggage and made my clothes smell like onions. But when I see the smiles on the faces of mi familia, it'll all be worth it. Note: I did not bother buying cream cheese and lox as I'd rather have my clothes smell like garlic than milk and fish.