Thighs Wide Shut Thighs Wide Shut

Monday, May 10

LL Hot J

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Lindsay Lohan
You make me want to sp#$

- Lord Palan

Uncle Grambs passed along this fine photo of me (my leg is in the background) and LL on our vacation... which just so happened to be photographed for Vanity Fair mag.

And I'm a lil weary of promoting these links, but the ever-so-dirty folks over at f.u.b.a.r. have found some semi-areola pics of LL, here and here. Besides hot and bothered, those pics made me feel a lil too filthy. Maybe come her 18th b-day, on July 2nd, I'll be singing a different tune. Clothed or not, LL is so crazy/beautiful. Heads up provided by My Man Marvkus.