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Tuesday, May 11

The Good, The Bad,
And The Fugly

The Good

Baby u can drive me car
You can't stop the LL train. She is in negoations to star in a film called Love and Death at Terrington Prep alongside The O.C.'s Adam Brody. Hopefully there won't be much studying going on. But that flick won't start filiming until LL's done resurrecting Disney's dead Herbie the Love Bug franchise.

The Bad

Bowties, the new botox
Anyone catch the "Power Players" edition of Jeopardy last night? It f-in rocked!! Bob Woodward and some bizzle Republican speech writer couldn't beat out Tucker Carlson and his bowtie. Oh Tucker Carlson!! You are one cocky prick, but you somehow pull off the whole bowtie thing... Especially when bowtie wearing is at an all time low. Props to you TC, my father occasionally, and all other famous people who rock the bowtie!

The Fugly

Still gets no respect
Cedric the Entertainer has just signed on for a remake of Rodney Dangerfield's masterpiece, Back to School. Why God, why? Are you there God? It's me, Thigh Master. Can you please stop Cedric from being so entertaining and basically rehashing all the 80's comedies? First it was the whole Chevy Chase/Vacation thang, now Rodney D's tripple lindy, and what's next? Cedric and Steve Harvey as The Blues Brothers? Maybe they can get Gus Van Sant to direct it!