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Tuesday, April 20

Ruby Foosday's

These People Were Born

571 (probably) - prophet, OG MC, Muhammad... at least we knew The Christ was born on 0/00/00
1889 - humanitarian and lover of animals, Adolf "Coors" Hitler
1893 - Spanish painter, Joan Miro
1925 - King of Latin Music, "Tos" Tito "os" Puente
1940 - Sulu, George "Oh, my!" Takei
1959 - Ron's ugly kid brother, Clint "Michigan" Howard
1961 - mustached baseman, Don "Mustachio" Mattingly
1964 - actors/freaks, Crispin "Body" Glover & Andy "3-Ring" Serkis!!!!
1968 - the host of the kiddy game show Fun House, "DJ" J.D. Roth
1972 - deceased Howard Stern lackey, Hank "The Angry Drunken Dwarf"
1976 - Joey "Wo!" Lawrence
???? - Bart Simpson?

Smithers likey the men with the mustachizoids

And This Shit Happened

1657 - Jews of New Amsterdam (aka NYC) granted freedom of religion. The first thing they do is buy up all the radio and TV stations and then run the banks.
1862 - The first pasteurization test completed by Louis Pasteur and Claude Bernard. A holiday was later named in his honor: Pasteurover.
1999 - Columbine High School jack-asses, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, kill 15 students dead. Eat a dick in hell with animal-loving pal Adde Hitler.
Every Year - In Canada and the United States, April 20th is a ceremonial day to "smoke out" (smoke marijuana). So at 4:20 PM, forget about what you were thinking of, grab some Doritos, and start laughing at crappy shows like $40 A Day.