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Friday, April 16

No Spielberg No!

My faithful confidant, Ross K Doji, told me about a retched trailer for Senor Spielbergo's latest joint, titled The Terminal. It stars Tom Hanks as some foreign dude who lives in an airport and wins the heart of C.Z.J.D.F. (Catherine-Zeta Jones-Douglas-Fairbanks). YIKES! Hope this romantic comedy isn't more awfullller than the C.Z.J.D.F./Coen Bros collaboration, Intolerable Cruelty. The only bright spot is that Wes Anderson's muse, Kumar Pallana (Mr. LittleJeans/Pagoda), has a bit part in the film. However, Kumar or even Earnest can't save this tripe on celluloid.

For once the credits will be more
engaging than the movie itself