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Thursday, April 22

Napoleon Dynamite

Jimmy Walker would agree, Napoleon is "dyno-mite!"
What the fuck is Napoleon Dynamite? Only one of the funniest, freshest, and originalest movies I've seenest this year. A true lil gem. It's part Donnie Darko part Sixteen Candles and 1/8 American Splendor's Toby Radloff. So what's the story morning glory? It's about a harebrained, tetherballing, Idaho high schooler with a orange mop top, coincidentally named Napoleon Dynamite, and his eclectic family: his grandma owns a llama, his brother Kip has an on-line realtionship with someone named LaFawnduh, and his Uncle Rico peddles Tupperware and films himself throwing footballs. And if that's not enuff, Napoleon befriends new student Pedro, who has a passion for piñatas and mustaches. And if THAT wasn't enuff, it co-stars hotness Hilary's hotness squared sister, Haylie Duff! My description not good enuff? Click me for the trailer. Grant it, this isn't Citizen Kane, but it's mos def the best movie I've ever seen about Idaho. It's released in theaters on June 11, but only in select cities. If you live in Boston, Chi-town, or San Fran, you can catch a free sneak preview next week. Click me for the free passes.