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Tuesday, April 20

2 Mo Reasons Why
I Heart NY

They've gottsen a lot hairier
since their "MMMBop" days
As me and Kid Kadoji were strolling thru Times Square today, we decided to pop into the Virgin Megastore for some $16.99 CDs. It was quite obvs that there was some sort of in-store performance going on. As we took a closer gander, we realized that it was actually the brothers Hanson who were rocking out to a hoard of screaming prepubescent grrrls. The bros have certainly grown a lot since their Bar Mitzvah days. Older bro Isaac looks like Heath Ledger with a faux-hawk (see Travis' Fran Healy), middle-man Taylor is The Vines' Craig Nicholls' doppelganger, and (not so) lil Zac could pass as a brother Lawrence, specifically Matthew. Anywho, I really wanted to hear them play "Where's The Love", but they were playing some crap off their new album. One of songs, although I couldn't understand the lyrics, sounded like they were saying, "Liam Nesson Dead." Better them than the Barenaked Ladies.

The toys have only gotsen bigger, but not butter
The final stop on me and the Doji's magical mystery tour was the new mecca of NY toy stores: Toys R Us. They have a huge ferris wheel, some dude named Marvin doing magic tricks, and life size GI Joes climbing walls. No wonder FAO Schwarz closed its doors. How can they compete with that shit?!?!?!?!?!?!? I was there to pick up a gift for my soon to be 6 year old cousin. My mission, buy something superheroesque for the kid. I wanted to get him this Spider Man glove that shot foam or water, but his mom would kill me! I settled on a Spider Man mask and gloves. Although they don't shoot shit out of em, they do make cool web slinging noises.

Some people hate Times Square, but me surely don't. Kick out the hookers and bums and bring on the crazy Lego displays and former tween bands.